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Redemption of Reward Points

We are happy to announce that options are available to redeem your earned rewards points.  Log in to your replicated website and learn how to do it the best way suited for you.  Our dedicated representatives will assist you in anything you will need.

You are welcome to send us suggestions to better our service in delivering our advocacy to give you the pleasure of spending while saving and bring great benefits as we come together to promote the 1EVO Card Program and bring awareness of how we can reach out and promote helping families ,friends and our community.  Making a difference in every member’s lives thru discount program is our goal.

“Together we build a system that connects and provide endless benefits”

New Upgraded 1EVO Protect Free Insurance Benefits

Because 1EVOMR Inc. cares about you, we are continually improving the benefit and privileges of our 1Evo Discount Card, we now offer you a stronger protection.  From the already good FREE insurance benefit we made it better.  Your enrollment now has the following coverage.

FREE PROTECTION thru 1EVO-PROTECT, an accidental life insurance coverage.  You are covered 24-hours a day, anywhere in the world for 365 days.  Rules on standard policy exclusion and pre-existing diseases apply.  It is a free benefit for members age 5 to 65 years old.

  1. Accidental Death Benefit                                                              P185,000.00
  2. Total & Permanent Disablement/Dismemberment                  P185,000.00
  3. Unprovoked Murder and Assault                                                 P185,000.00
  4. Accident Medical Reimbursement                                              P 18,500.00
  5. Accident Burial Benefit                                                                  P 18,500.00
  6. Motorcycle riders are excluded in the other coverages but entitled to Accident Medical Reimbursement.

We want to continue to advocate financial literacy and protecting your most important asset who is YOU.  We want to reduce your stress during difficult times of unforeseen tragedies such as injury, disability, avoid out of pockets payments for unfortunate events, like accidental medical expenses.  and even death.  With the free protection given, you can concentrate on recovery and rebuilding your lives.

No amount of money can replace your health and wellbeing, or the role you play in your family.  But you can at least have peace of mind that if anything happened to you, your family’s financial security is assisted by your insurance.  A lump sum benefit can secure the financial future of your children and grants you peace of mind.

 “No one can predict the future.  But FREE Insurance protection is the right thing 1EVO Discount Card gives to you as a loyal member.”


And because we are in the business of caring, our company, 1EVOMR INC. is committed to deliver its promise to provide continuous opportunities and benefits to our members.   1Evolution Discount Card through 1EVO-PROTECT is giving a FREE accidental life insurance benefit to all members 5 to 65 years old, a valuable protection of 24 hours, 365 days coverage anywhere in the world.  It provides P75,000.00 death benefit, P6,000.00 monthly salary assistance for the family/beneficiaries for 12 months, P3,000.00 grocery provision for 12 months.  P30,000.00 benefit for Unprovoked Murder and Assault.   Upon signing up in the program an enrollment process for the 1EVO-PROTECT coverage will be done.  An insurance card explaining benefits and provisions will be received by each member.  

We believe that this will protect each 1Evolution Discount Card members from the unknowable and help them through a difficult time when it happens.  Life protection is one of the things that everyone needs.  1Evolution discount Card protects its members and the one they love.  This is an inexpensive way of giving members and their families the PEACE OF MIND knowing they are protected.  

“Be a 1Evolution Discount Card member, do something TODAY, that yourself will THANK for.”


Are you up for a fun-filled day in Manila Philippines?  Spend hours or even a full day of excitement in the Manila Ocean Park.  Whether you’re travelling alone, with your family and friends you will surely experience a world full of fun and thrills.  There’s something special that awaits you at this amazing place. Experience the awe-inspiring marvels of the ocean that Manila Ocean Park is showcasing.  There’s variety of sea creatures, corals and ocean stuffs. It is an oceanarium in Manila Philippines that is one of the amazing places to see.  It is the largest underwater viewing tunnel that gives a breathtaking and amazing experience.

There’s so much attractions that young and old will enjoy.  The musical fountain show gives a magical and colorful entertainment.  It is the country’s first and grandest musical fountain.  This nightly musical extravaganza gives a mind-blowing display of fire, music, laser lights, backed animated marine characters projected on a water screen.

Even if you are not an animal lover, there’s something special that awaits you at their sprawling and dynamic museum.

Thanks to the assistance of Mr. Reden Ramones, Manila Ocean Park Account Executive.  1Evolution Discount Card members are now able to get discounted individual and group rates on different packages that they offer.

Invite your friends and family to support our local attractions and let the whole world knows what to expect when they visit the PHILIPPINES.