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It is exclusively promoting a Discount Card Program with the intention of raising awareness how Filipinos in all walks of life will be able to reach out and promote financial education.  With 1Evolution Discount Card, the community can benefit.  It will create a good feeling of spending while SAVING!!! 
The MERCHANTS who will participate in giving DISCOUNTS will get free advertisement for as long as they want to participate. They can get a worldwide exposure, increase their revenue and clientele. They can also participate in the income opportunity associated with this program. This will motivate the merchants to have their relationship with the 1Evocard members by giving them good service, satisfaction and create loyalty through the promotions they will do.

Every DISCOUNT CARD member can enjoy the great freebies and savings that owning the card is rewarding them. It will give them the pleasure of wise spending. The cost of the card is actually “free” because upon purchase, the card aside from the benefit of the discount feature has enclosed “ready freebies” to use from valued participating merchants.
Every INDIVIDUAL, TEAM and ORGANIZATION can benefit in this program. As a discount card member, an INDIVIDUAL or a TEAM can advocate in helping to educate anyone they will refer to become new members. The program can be a tool to do fundraising for ORGANIZATIONS.

They can share and enrich people with ideas on how to value their hard-earned money by the power of discounting. They can help make every community prosperous by supporting the business industry. Participating in the great potential of this program is very exciting. Income opportunity is not just one time, but it’s built as a residual income, which is unlimited for everyone who will work hard to create a legacy for their family. The program is designed to uplift family values by saving together and be able to build their own business if they learn the system.

Most importantly, this is not a networking business, it is a referral pay system to honor the help and support of those who wants to participate, no inventory of products to sell. All needed is to own their membership, enjoy the rewards and savings, then SHARE their experience of enjoying unique benefits and let others enjoy the same. It is promoting a RELATIONSHIP Marketing that can bring long-term success. All great business builders have mastered the art of getting referrals from satisfied clients and that’s where you will start with 1Evo Discount Card. This is your passport to discounts, savings and building your opportunity to earn extra by simply copying the proven duplicable system of multiplication.  “Learn how to dream and work for your dream.” .